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In my opinion, media literacy is no less necessary than reading, writing and any other literacy that we develop in school. In fact, I believe that literacy in the 21st century simply requires much more knowledge and skills. And changed attitudes.

Daniella, 10th grade

I need digital skills every day to find information, create content, communicate and support the causes that matter to me.

Peter, multimedia artist

I am studying library science and hope to be able to apply my knowledge and experience to help people not only develop reading habits and love of literature, culture and knowledge, but also increase their information literacy.

Simeon, student

This campaign is made possible
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The Media Literacy Days 2023 campaign is underway with the
financial support of the US Embassy in Bulgaria under
the “Small Grants” program


The Media Literacy Coalition is fully responsible for the organization and content of the Media Literacy Days campaign and for all materials,
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