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Media Literacy Days is an annual campaign organized by the Media Literacy Coalition during the first half of the year. Its current edition is the sixth in a row. It will run for seven months (March 15 – October 15) and includes trainings for adults, teachers and students, educational resources, webinars with foreign media literacy experts, researchers and journalists, a national media campaign, promotion of methodologies and training programs of the Media Literacy Coalition and its member projects. The initiatives of the The Big Data for Smart Society Institute (GATE) will also be in focus, and in particular those in the field of disinformation research, including webinars, seminars and trainings. GATE also coordinates the project to create the Bulgarian-Romanian Observatory for Digital Media (BROD) and contributes to the work of the European Observatory for Digital Media, in which media and information literacy occupies a central place.

Oчаквайте и следете за нови дати и събития тук и в каналите на Коалицията в социалните медии

It will be filled on the fly with more dates, and each event will be presented in more detail (in focus) on the campaign site and on the official site of the Media Literacy Coalition:

If you are working on a project on media and information literacy and/or digital citizenship and digital skills, or are planning an event in this area, or want to be our partner by providing informational support, please, contact us at

2023 Media Literacy Days is made possible thanks to:

  • the support and financing under the “Small Grants” program of the US Embassy in Bulgaria
  • the institutional support of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Culture
  • the support of the Bulgarian representation of the European Parliament and the European Commission in Bulgaria
  • “Lachezar Tsotsorkov” Foundation, with which the Coalition for Media Literacy partners on the training program for adults “Media Literacy Online – Lifelong Learning”

The digital media outlet Offnews is official media partner of the campaign.
2023 Media Literacy Days are also supported by, and Third Age