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Game-Based Learning and Educational Escape Games

    6 October | Friday | 6 pm GMT +2 | 60 minutes | online (Zoom)

    Game-based learning (GBL) has been used in educational spaces for decades, but the use of GBL across all educational spaces has rapidly increased in popularity over the past handful of years.

    Image: element from the Video Games Europe’s website’s frontpage

    In this webinar, we’ll discuss what GBL actually is and is not (hint: it’s not the same as “gamification”) and also the benefits of using GBL activities over traditional instructional methods.

    We’ll also discuss the Gameful Mindset, which describes the way that today’s gamer generation thinks, learns, and behaves, and why it’s vital that educators understand this mindset.

    Then, we’ll get into an actual example of a GBL activity by providing a demo of Escape The Echoes, an educational escape game about media literacy.

    Join us for this stimulating and engaging discussion about GBL.

    About the speakers:

    Randall Fujimoto

    Randall is a game-based learning designer at GameTrain Learning, a nonprofit educational organization that promotes game-based learning in education. He is also the instructor of a game-based learning microcredential program at California State University, Fullerton.

    Annie Howell

    Annie is a university student majoring in psychology at the University of Bath in the U.K.. She has worked for GameTrain Learning for the past two years as a game designer on an escape game about media literacy and filter bubbles.